Ziggurat Project – motivation

We would like to react to the recent phenomenon of dance transformed and thought as a space-based art through hybrid forms, performances in museums and galleries and in the frame of site-specific projects. We would like to explore through a common reflexion how and why dance is searching for new ways to become accessible in another context and how this visual concept can be connected to technologies as image, video, mapping or interactive tools. 

Why does site-specific work attire us? Through connecting or re-connecting to a site we have the possibility to explore its history, its function, its characteristics and react to it directly. We are inspired by re-inventing the story of a living space. We think that art has a role in creating the environment we are living in. We are interested in observing how possible negative preconceptions are created in people related to industrialized areas and can be changed through art. As street art can contribute to an urban regeneration we believe that performing arts or other visual disciplines could equally make a change in our way of looking and even in our way of acting on these places. We also find inspiration in the rough energy of an industrialized area, the motives of fragmentation, deconstruction and reconstruction.