Dávid Somló – short bio

I am a Hungarian interdisciplinary artist based in Budapest. I work with sound, performance, improvisation and composition. I have studied Interdisciplinary Composition at Goldsmiths College, London and Sociology at ELTE, Budapest. In my artistic practice I am interested in the small, important moments of human interactions and in exploring the relations of the physical, the social and personal space. I compose situations which offer a complex, non-repeating outcome from simple elements, structures and instructions.

I often work in a site-specific context. I have made pieces in foot tunnels, a swimming boat, Turkish hot baths, an abandoned office, a mining museum, a synagogue garden, private flats and various other public spaces. My work was performed in international festivals in Europe and South America such as FIME Sao Paolo (BR), Sonorities (NIR), CROSS Awards (IT), We Are Now (UK), NOW’16 (UK), Audiograft (UK), Montag Modus (GER), Let Me In (GER), PureGold (UK) Resolution14 (UK), Stockton Riverside Festival (UK), Miramiro (BE), Divadelni Flora (CZ), UH Festival (HU), L1 Dance Festival (HU), Reality Research Festival (HU). I am a 2017 resident artist of L1 association, Hungary.