Dávid Somló – motivation

As a performer and composer who is deeply inspired by site and space I am currently interested in deepen my understanding of the physical and contextual parameters of urban spaces as well as further explore the possibilities of working with my set of highly flexible portable speakers in order to achieve unique acoustical settings. I want to experiment with the use of site-responsive sound and movement in order to interact, intervene and question the set movement patterns and often low level attention of public spaces, as well as enliven ‘non-spaces’ by interacting with them and shifting the focus on their often unique qualities. As a performance maker I am interested to developed various exercises to create dynamic, instruction and sound based participatory pieces that offer the dedicated or accidental audience a different experience of their city. I aim to develop a performance language that can respond to the everyday life by embodied experience, and able to inspire local people whos main interest might not be contemporary art.