Dániel Makkai: Factory Playground

(Csepel, 2017)

Welcome to the terminal! This is the starting point for Factory Playground, a program the creators have designed that is inspired by the experiences gained over recent weeks. We offer you two loosely connected tours.

Internal path: personal narratives

There are several rooms in this medical building where you can transform the imaginary moments of the factory quarter into your own story. It is partly documentary, partly fiction, but in any case will trigger the narratives of your personal inner journey.

External route: sounds and spaces

We will lead you to places not far from the terminal. Find companions and search for the locations on the map. The Csepeloz route leads to the sound installations of American-Norwegian artist James Moore, and in the other direction, you can join a collective sound game in the Hangar!

Let’s transform the factory into a playground!

Creators: Dániel Makkai, Márton Debreczeni, Rita Ilka,  Judit Emese Konopás, Zita Markovics, Máté Lukács, Mihály Lukács, James Moore, Jonas Bjerketvedt

Whose is this place?

The spring break begins. Children in the workers’ quarters play all day on the street. Öcsi, Roli, Dorina, Amanda, Robi, Jocó and Alex mostly play football, build bunkers, ride their bikes, and explore secret places. The factory district is their playground.

For a few days, Norwegian and Hungarian artists came into their life and played with them. The result is a short film and a rap song telling the story of local children who are locked into a factory building by the ghost of the area, who will only let them out if they can prove that life outside is fun and not as bad as the spirit thought before.

Night shift

In the Csepel Works, a lot of the factories work in three shifts. The loud machinery can be heard throughout the neighborhood. The buildings amplify the sounds of the machines like giant speaker cabinets. The workers are used to it. After the evening shift, returning to the worker’s home, the noise from the outside and the sounds of their own daily work infiltrate their dreams. A sound installation offers this experience to the visitors, whose only task is to lie in a bed and listen to what an – imaginary – day of a factory worker might sound like.


There are several workers’ accommodations in the factory district. The tenants of these single-, double- or multiple-bedroom units are a rather colorful company. There are some who live here temporarily, and those who lack sufficient resources and become permanent residents. For many, it’s a safe shelter and a hiding place. For others, it’s hopelessness.

A fragment of Sándor Tar’s short story The Sea, used for a sound installation, captures this situation in a particular way.


Experience the special acoustics of this factory building! Instruction cards will help you to create a composition together. During the game you will use objects and your own voice to make music. Listen to the others, and pay attention to every sound you make. You have 10 minutes to do so.